Design Your Kitchen

"Good quality cabinets, great quality countertops & installation, FANTASTIC customer service. We've done 16 apartments & they are a great partner."
- A Google Review user

New to home remodeling? ​

We will guide you throughout the whole process. Our sales associates will help you design your space. We offer free in home measurements as well as 3-D rendering of the layout to ensure your space looks exactly as you want. 

Contractor working with a client? ​

We welcome contractors to come and work with us to ensure your projects come out smoothly. Let us supply you with the materials needed to build your clients dream home. 

Need to furnish multiple homes or apartments?

Furnishing multiple spaces can be both time consuming and expensive. Here at KT, our experts will ensure everything fits in place in a timely manner  without exceeding your budget. We have worked with many home builders for years and many many more to come. 

"We have been using KT for 10 plus years. We have done rental improvements and also flipped houses. Renters and buyer, as well as realtors, inspectors and appraisers are always impressed with the appearance and quality of the cabinets and granite. We have worked with Winnie, Alice and others in the past..."
- A Google Review user

Why choose us?


Since completely relocating our business from San Francisco to Seattle, we have over 15 years of experience in Seattle alone!


Why pay big box stores for "affordable" laminate surfaced cabinets when you can spend the same or even less on real wood cabinets? We purchase our stock in bulk to ensure you, as our valued customer, gets the best prices!

All in one

Why go to multiple suppliers to find the best prices? With our years of experience, low prices and wide selection of goods we have everything you need to furnish your kitchen and bathroom.

Huge Selection​

One style does not fit all, especially your kitchen and bathroom. We offer a variety of different styles and colors of all our products. Having over 50 different selection of counter tops, we are confident you will find what what you want.


Our cabinets are made with real hard wood, not laminate. Our cabinets are solid through and through. Using real wood ensures our cabinets feel solid unlike laminate surfaces. We offer oak, maple, mahogany and more!


As we work hard to move our business from Seattle to our new location in Tukwila to offer a better customer experience and showroom, we continue to operate our floor. We will continue to add more and more to our product list while keeping prices on the low.

"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with KT, from start to finish. They provided excellent customer service and products. I originally worked with another local cabinet company, but their responsiveness was abysmal. KT was extremely responsive, patient, and helpful throughout the entire process, and their prices seemed reasonable. Highly recommend."
- A Google Review user